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Our Successful Projects and up coming plans for Karakorum Pakistan 2019

2006  Kuksil III and V, climbed by Austria Hunza Expeditions successful

2009  Sad Buldi Sar 6150m. Lead by Karim , successful

2012    Khushrui Sar 5950 m First ascent, Krszyztof Wielicki, Kasia, Karim Hayat. Successful

2013    Doust Sar 6065 m first ascent by Anita, Karim and Bulbul

2013    Hope peak ( Umeed Sar) 5850 m first ascent by Karim Hayat (solo)

2014   Broad peak , Karim Hayat reached to summit on July 23.

2016    International climbers meet USA (Yosemite)

2017    International Expedition to Yaad Sar 6150m, first ascent by George, David and Karim Hayat

2018   Double Headed Massif 5730 m,  Polish Hunza Expedition, first ascent.

2018   Discovered unknown pass in Shimshall (Hunza Pass 5430m)


Projects for 2019

Fixed departures; Join MEP team to explore Pakistan  Gilgit, Baltistan and Chitral

Frozen River Trek 2019

First time in Hunza region- New                     January 5-20.2019

Winter Deosai Traverse -New                        January 6-21.2019

Ski Expedition to Snow Lake – New

March 22- April 12.2019                    April 18- May 10.2019

K2 Trek 2019

May 18- June 8.2019            June 2-24.2019            July. 1-22.2019            August 2-24.2019

Lupke La  and Khurdapin Trek

June 01-22.2019          July 1.22.2019     August 1-22.2019

Grand Karakorum and Hindu Kush Traverse 2019 (64 days)

June-July 2019

Biafo Hispar Trek 2019

June.1-20.2019            July 4.-24.2019            August 1.20.2019

Shimshall Pamir trek over Hunza pass 5440m

July 1-20.2019 August 3-23.2019        September 1-20.2019

Climb unclimbed Peak in Shimshall 2019.New

July1-26.2019 August 2-26

Trek to Nanga Parbat Fairy Meadows base and Tour to Hunza 2019

June 2-16.2019            June 18-July 4.2019     July 12-28.2019

Round Nanga Parbat Trek      Demanding

June.1-22.2019            July 1-22. 2019

Patundas Trek 2019 Moderate

June 4-16.2019            July 1-12.2019 August 1-14.2019        September 1-14.2019

Activities, Tour, Trek, basic rock climbing in Pasu

Baldiat Trek (new) 2019

May-October dates are flexible

Activities: Skiing, Trekking, Basic Rock climbing, Plantation

Chitral Tour and Trek 2019

Darkot and Asumbar An

June 1-22.2019            August 1-22.2019

Tour to Chitral, Hunza and Skardu over Deosai Plateau to Islamabad

June 4-24         July 2-22.2019 August 2-22.2019            September 2-22.2019

Expeditions  8000-8611m     2019

K2 (Chogori 8611m)                Price p/p $5400

June 20-August 10.2019

Nanga Parbat                                      Price P/ p $.4600

May 30-June30.2019

Broad Peak

June 20-July 30                        June 28-August 8.2019                                    price P/p. $.4600

Gasherbrum I

June 10 – July 25.2019                        June 22-July 30                                    Price P/p $.4800

Gasherbrum II

June 10 – July 25.2019                        June 22-July 30                                    Price P/p $. 4800

Expedition’s 7000m-7450m

Diran Peak

June 2-July 2.2019


June 2-July16.2019

Spantik                                                                        Price P/p $. 2880

June 2 – July 2.2019

Golden Peak from Hunza/ Nagar Side                        Price p/p $.2680

6000-6400 no climbing permit required

Malika Parbat (new)

June 1-22.2019            July 2-22.2019

Falik Sar (Swat valley) New

June 6-28.2019            September 1-20.2019

Laila Peak                    6442m                         new


Expeditions to Shimshall

Minglig Sar and Koz Sar. Trekking peak

June 2-20.2019                        July 1-18.2019

Yawash Sar I    6250m unclimbed                  new -Technical

June –July                   September 2019

Yawash Sar II   6170m unclimbed                   new -Technical

June –August 2019

Yaad Sar                      6260m                                     New- Technical

East summit is unclimbed       June-August.2019





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