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Spantik Expedition

Spantik  International Expedition 2020-2022

Spantik is Located in the region of Karakorum and sub range of  Chogolugma. This peak is very easy amidst 7000m peak in the Karakorum range. The Summit ratio is over 70 %

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Lead by Karim Hayat


Fixed departure

June 1,2020                           Fly back home June 29.2020

Spantik is the non-technical peak among the 7000 m peaks in Karakorum, There are several peaks above 7000 m in Karakorum, but this peak is unique and good opportunity to reach 7000 m without facing any difficult terrain. We hear every year several teams reach to summit without any serious issue.

Trek summery

The trek begins from Arundo village, this trek is not demanding , I call it moderate up to the Balucho, after Balucho we trek on Chogolungma glacier for 3-4h, then we take a steep slope to reach base camp, this is dry and comfort place.


Arrival to Islamabad transfer for domestic departure for Skardu, in case of flight cancellation. Visit to Islamabad

Drive to Chilas 10-11 h on the Karakorum Highway, the eighth wonder of the world.

D. 3

Drive to Skardu 6-7h, Skardu is the capital of Baltistan and called it Little Tibet.

D. 4



Drive to Arondu 5-6 h.

D. 6-8

Trek to Spantik Base camp.


Acclimatization and try to climb the peak


Trek back to Arundu, Skardu and Islamabad


Price per person

Pax: 4-7 U$. 3080

Pax: 8-12 U$. 2880

For further details, please contact us by email

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