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 Dear Adventure Friends,

 Karim Hayat, mountain guide and explorer (founder of Mountains Expert Pakistan and Gilgit Baltistan Mountaineering Council) traveled from East to West, starting from Pakistan to Europe and Yosemite in USA. I failed many times on high mountains but I never give up exploration and climbing, my enthusiasm pushed me ahead. I climbed in winter on Broad Peak up to 7400m with Polish, eventually reached to the summit in summer on 23 July 2014 with the leading team, Broad peak (8048m) is the 12 highest in the world and 4th highest peak in Karakorum Pakistan, I climbed other peaks which were unclimbed in Hunza Shimshal valley, some peaks climbed as solo.

 My team is belonged to mountain regions, they are competent and professionals to handle their task on the mountains of Karakorum and Himalaya. I personally train them to provide better services in the adventure field.

 During a decade we have seen the adventurers increasing to explore unclimbed peaks and remote wildernesses in Gilgit / Baltistan and Chitral.

We try to protect the environment of our soundings and on the Mountains as well, that we love and enjoy the Nature.

 Join us to embrace the challenges and learn through experience.

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Best regards

Karim Hayat

Mountain Guide

Climbing profile

2000  Advance Mountaineering Diploma from (NMA) Nepal

2014   Broad Peak 8048 meters, “Climbed” World 12th highest peak

1995    Lupghar sar  7210 m.   Climbed up to 6600 m

1999     Barunste 7227 m      Nepal.   Climbed up to 6980 meter

2000    Koksil IV 5850 m.  First ascent

2003    Spantik      7027 m.  Climbed up to 6400 m

2004    K2          8611 m,  Climbed up to 7000 m

2005   Diran Peak  7266 m.    Climbed up to 6400 m

2011    Island Peak 6290 m. Nepal.    Climbed solo, first ascent

2012    Khushrui Sar  5960 meters.    First ascent

2013    Doust sar 6060 meters.   First ascent

2013   Umeed sar    5860 m.  Climbed solo, First ascent

2013   Nanga Parbat 8126 m.   Climbed up to 6200 m

2015   Gasherbrum II – 8035 m  Climbed up to 7300 m

2016   Koz Sar  5450 m   Climbed solo

2017 Yaad Sar 6150 m climbed, First ascent

2018 Two Headed Massif 5740 m , first ascent

2018 Discovered unknown pass named (Hunza Pass 5440 m)

Karim Hayat CEO & Mountain Guide
Naseer Uddin Mountain guide ( Broad Peak, Rocky summit )

Rahib Ullah Guide
Naseer Ud-Din Manager
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