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Spantik Expedition

Price 30 Days
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Spantik Expedition

per person

Spantik  International Expedition 2024-25

Spantik is Located in the region of Karakorum and sub range of  Chogolugma. This peak is very easy amidst 7000m peak in the Karakorum range. The Summit ratio is over 70 %

Price will be increased 10% every year

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Lead by Karim Hayat (scaled Borad peak in 2014) and 6 unclimbed peaks in Shaimshal Hunza, he climbed in Nepal, Island Peak 6299m and Brunste up 6900m


Fixed departure

June 10-2024-2025    July 1.2024-2025                      

Spantik is the non-technical peak among the 7000 m peaks in Karakorum, There are several peaks above 7000 m in Karakorum, but this peak is unique and good opportunity to reach 7000 m without facing any difficult terrain. We hear every year several teams reach to summit without any serious issue.

Trek summery

I call this trek “moderate trek” The trek begins from Arundo village, this trek is not demanding , I call it moderate up to the Balucho, after Balucho we trek on Chogolungma glacier for 3-4h, then we take a steep slope to reach base camp, this is dry and comfort place.

High Camps

Our trek begins from base camp to camp I on slop and we follow a dry steep ridge, it would take 3-4 h, most of the time this ridge remain dry but all depends on weather. If we look on the pictures from camp I to camp II, the long flat ridge, but there are few sections which we need to climb down and climb up without rope. This would take 4-5 h to reach to camp II. The platform is on snow plateau.

Camp II to Camp III, there are few more ridge slopes and we reach to the pint of fix line, we need to fix 250 m rope, indeed the slope is not that steep, lower angel than Gondogoro la. After crossing this slope we climb for a while without rope and do traverse to reach camp III. I draw a green line below the snow Dom.

After traversing the slope we reach to camp III, from camp III, we walk on a flat snow ridge and gain the height and approach to the summit slop. The top of Spantik offers good view to Hunza valley, we can see Mulabuting, Rakaposhi, Diran Peak, Dasagil Sar, K2 and more.

Day 1

D.1 Arrival to Islamabad transfer for domestic departure for Skardu, in case of flight cancellation. Visit to Islamabad

Day 2

D.2 Drive to Chilas 10-11 h on the Karakorum Highway, the eighth wonder of the world.

Day 3

D. 3 Drive to Skardu 6-7h, Skardu is the capital of Baltistan and called it Little Tibet.

Day 4

D. 4 Preparation.

Day 5

D.5. Drive to Arondu 5-6 h.

Day 6 to 8

D. 6-8 Trek to Spantik Base camp.

Day 9 to 23

D.9-23 Acclimatization and try to climb the peak

Day 24 to 29

D.24-29 Trek back to Arundu, Skardu and Islamabad

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30 Days
23+ Age
  • Departure
    Please arrive by 9:15 AM for a prompt departure at 9:30 AM.
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and warm jacket.
  • Included
    Personal Guide
    Typical Souvenir
  • Not Included
    All Museum Tickets

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